Mark Eschbach

Software Developer && System Analyst


StompClient is a C++ library to communicate with a remote STOMP broker under a BSD-style license. The core component (mee::stomp::StompClient) only depend on the C++ standard library, agnostic of how the implemenation of the provided std::istream and std::ostream communicate with the broker. For both the (example) utilities provided with the library I used Boost to construct the TCP/IP connections to a remote ActiveMQ broker.


The source code is available at with a set of hashs (md5, sha1, sha256) at You will require a BSD style make application to build the components. On Linux systems using aptitude or synaptic you can install a package by the name of freebsd-make. You may need to edit the Makefile to override various settings, such as the compile you would like to use or the location of Boost

As of current the following targets are provided. If you are looking for the easy button then just target utils.

Makefile targets for building the components of StompClient.
TargetRequires Boost?Description
utilsYesBuilds everything, including a ktichen sink
stomp-sendYesConstructs a utility to send STOMP messages to a remote broker line by line from the standard input
stomp-recvYesProduces a utiltiy to receive messages from a remote STOMP broker, producing the body of each message on a new line.
libstomp_util.aNoConstructs a static library of the core StompClient classes
cleanN/ACleans all associated files (note this uses a glob to remove objects and such)