Mark Eschbach

Software Developer && System Analyst


iOS/OSX based language, interoperable with Objective-C. Supports NPE avoidance operator.


  • To utilize a value you have allready checked to be nil, use the !. operator.
  • Swift is a literate language: Swift Documentation. Older styles were similar to JavaDoc using the @annotation style. With Swift 2+ it now supports a markdown-like language and uses some those as metadata. Examples include - Parameter wait: length in time to sleep.
  • Matching Swift enumerations require a let in conditions you are matching variables, however while matching constants you do not. For example:
  • You don't have access to abstract base classes in Swift. When needed, you can define a protocol with the abstract methods or overridable methods, then define an extension of the protocol with the default implementations.

Coder Consoritum Q4 2016 Talk

This talk is designed to be given at Coder Consortium's October 2016 meeting.