Mark Eschbach

Software Developer && System Analyst


Flux is an application architecture promulgated by Facabook being pushed as an atlernative to the Model View Controller typical user interface architecture.

Opinion on the outset (2015-04-13) after reading through the Flux overview

The proposed architecture reaches closer to the underlying idea of MVC than tradtiional web application frameworks which use a service side MVC. Observance of view feedback is filtered through the same feedback mecahnism as other inputs through a centeralized dispatcher, advocated as a singleton. Incoming events are dispatched within the "store" layer encapsulating application state and logic which in turn dispatches to the views. Once receiving an event, the view will update the user interface.

Traditional Model View Controller architecture is implemented as a series of models indepedently observing state changes. The differentiating factor here seems to be the broadcasting message from the model ('Store' in Flux parlance) contains the state of the view model. I'm execited about the centeralized message bus, however I'm undecided on the idea of the Store.

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