As an ASM of Program I was getting a little nervous regarding a troop meeting scheduled at the UCD Arboretum for a scavenger hunt. The activity would ideally take approximately 40 minutes and allow the Patrols to spread in various directions. Lucky for me the SPL responded with his plans, so I am just journaling the idea I was drafting here. Perhaps some else can draw insipration for a similar area around them.

I was thinking each Patrol would be assigned a direction they would venture towards at the start. Hopefully this would disperse the Patrols so they don’t bunch up.

Peter J Shield Oak Grove

This Oak Grove is an awesome winding path with a variety of large oak tress flanking either side of the path. Various tree species are labeled with moasic plaques along with insects who may trouble the trees. On the North side is a vary large horse corral, often with horeses in the corral.

  • Horse Corral
  • Cozahuatl (Quercus Mexicana)
  • English Oak
  • Cork Oak

West End of the Arboretum

The West End of the Arboretum is where the waterway is capped by a dam to hold back the resvior with the waterway heading towards the original creek it was made from. As you cross over the waterway there unforunately isn’t much to be seen, however for there are typically turtles visible, even at night. There is a large drainage pipe which has been decorated to appear like a cat for as long as I can remember.

  • Water Stopper
  • Turtles
  • Cat Tube

Boat House

Although I would never go boating on that particular on that particular water way, many use to in the past. There was a dock and a building which I believe contained the equipment. The dock has been falling apart and upon reflection might not be there any longer. If we went with this I would feel obligated to a point where I could verify the docks still exists. Adjacent to the boat house is a nice garden which usually has some flowers in bloom. At the center is a nothing special fountain.

  • Boat House
  • Docks
  • Water Fountain


At the opposite side of this region of the Arboretum is a nice area referred to as the Lodge. The actual building there is from the 80s, or so I would assume given the architecture of the bridge and building. They have a large open area with a large BBQ pit and fire bowl right off the path. When looking out and seeing the other side you’ll notice a landscaped stream with a bridge where the path meets it.

  • Fire Bowl
  • BBQ Pit
  • Stream with bridge