Welp, after an update to the device Jenkins runs on, this website build process finally broke. Time to duct tape it back together on the new infra. I am interested in experimenting with some other tech and possibly better segmenting the site in the future. For today I want to get this back online since it broke in September.

This website has its origins back in the late 90s. It has seen a lot of technology, including being subject to some not so great experiments of mine over the years (XSLT!). As of right now I know I am using the following tech to generate the sites static content:

  • PHP is a long time hold over from my third iteration mainly used for templating
  • Jekyll since it really made life easier to keep a blog in a reasonable format.
  • Node for generating things like the most recent entries on the right.

Tekton runs things in containers, so I will need to role my own since I doubt I will find one with all of these on the correct version. Would be scared if I did! Let us see what a basic Dockerfile sketch will do for us.

FROM ubuntu:23.04

RUN apt-get update && apt-get -y install php nodejs ruby
RUN php --version
RUN node --version
RUN ruby --version

Ran into a problem with interactive prompts being waited upon for configuring timezones. To resolve that issue add the following two lines. TZ sets the preferred timezone for the applications. DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive tells apt do not prompt for user input.

ENV DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive

Alright, this gives us a container with reasonable versioning info. Next up what does a build look like when scripted for development?

(cd .cd/builder && docker build --tag website-meschbach-builder:dev .cd/builder)
docker build --tag website-meschbach:dev .

With a docker file like so:

FROM website-meschbach-builder:dev as builder
COPY . /source
WORKDIR /source
RUN ./generate.sh

FROM nginx:latest as final
COPY --from=builder target /usr/share/nginx/html

Turns out I needed the following software installed too:

  • make – Allowed for rapid development since a single command would only build new things.
  • npm – Not installed with nodejs through apt I guess.
  • bundle – Not installed with ruby :-/. Fixed by install ruby-full

I guess I use bower somewhere in there. I should really review that at some point :-D Ah, it’s used with revealjs. At least it has the decency to tell me to not run it as root >.< . To work around this issue I changed the builder image to add the following:

RUN mkdir -p /nobody-home && chown -R nobody /nobody-home
ENV HOME /nobody-home
ENV GEM_HOME /nobody-home/.gem
USER nobody

Then in the actual build:

COPY --chown=nobody:nobody . /source

Gems were out of date. So I spun up a container like docker run -v $PWD:/source -it website-meschbach-builder:dev /bin/bash and ran the following:

bundle update
bundle install

This needed to happen in both my tools directory which installs jekyll and within the jekyll directory itself.