Finally biting the bullet and moving towards having a smarter house. I’ll need a reasonable way for members of my household to use the various components. Home Assistant seems to be the often recommended method. I am trying to stay away from device per-function thing, especially with Raspberry Pis in short supply. So on to my k8s cluster it shall go.

Matt Wilson’s Prior Art

Matt Wilson (mswis) seems to have had reasonable luck deploying Home Assistant back in October. For Home Assistant itself the material point is trusting the ingress HTTP load balancer. Matt Wilson also choose to hold all persistent data on a single 30GiB volume. Although he is using MetalLB’s shared IP it does not look material to the deployment.


Sadly they appear to be deprecating their efforts due to lack of community contributions.

Regardless a good source of information. Without being knowledgeable of Home Assistant it looks like it can integrate with many data stores based on the configuration.