I was pondering how to level up my home cloud capabilities. A core capability is running an unstructured binary object store similar to S3. In the past I have set up a toy implementation of Minio to provide such services however the time has come to see if I can get a serious implementation in place. Ideally I can take advantage of my Synology device for long term storage and get auth & auth setup correctly.

My original implementation was on k8s using local manually provisioned volumes. Worked well until I needed to shut down or restart the nodes. The Minio cluster offline was knocked offline. Next up I decided it would be awesome to GlusterFS which worked as well as GlusterFS. Which is to say I do not understand GlusterFS well enough to operate GlusterFS reliably and some choices (logging, etc) which bother me. Either way, it was a lot of work to keep up :-(.

Storage in NAS mode

Minio out of the box supports a NAS mode. Looks like this type of application is exactly what it is designed for. Just hook it up to the NFS exported volume and I am good to go.


This is a TODO still.