ALBs are bound to a specific namespace. This is quiet unforutnate since each ALB costs at least $18 a month and you miss out on a lot of awesome features. Sure failure domains are isolated however if you publish a number of small serivces this is rather obnoxious.

A suggestion which looks promising is to have the ALB target the nginx ingress controller and dispatch from there. A little sad the ALB does not support this out of the box but will have to do for now. Perhaps in the future I will consider other ingress mechanisms to replace nginx if it exhibits broken connection issues on restart or is not monitorable still.

nginx Installation

Need to prime nginx’s stable repository first:

helm repo add nginx-stable
helm repo update

After a quick glance throught the configuration some options definitely need to chnage. Here is my initial pass at the configuration for the chart. Configuration knobs

    type: ClusterIP
  create: true

Most important is setting the controller to use the ClusterIP as this is what the ALBs will target. If unset this will create a new ELB via the LoadBalancer service configuration which is definitely not what is desired.

Caveat: Default Host

Well, after seraching for a while turns out nginx does not support a critical use case: default hosts. This is really disappointing but I can work around the issue I suppose. All sites must be named and nginx provides it’s own default host. Easy enough to resolve by just directing specific hosts to the nginx controllers, although this makes me sad.