At this point there is a junction with Maurice: the trading API the project uses has not been updated in several years. I can either fork the project or hope the PRs I have submitted get accepted. There are other issues I will encounter while querying data based on my explorations. Based on this and the project not being updated in several years it might be time to fork it.

I am a bit on the fence regarding the best name for hte project. Since I would like to have pluggable modules for Maurice the name maurice-ally-invest might make the most sense. Over time I am hoping the API will become a bit more user friendly but still keep the integrating API separate.

Glad to fork the repository. Github noticed a vulnerability within the version of lodash being used. Additionaly a dependency by the name js2xmlparser is also out of date, although does not seem to be a big issue. In the future it would be great to update it.

When modifying the package.json file I hit a quandary: Do I update myself as the author or just add myself as a contributor. Since I did not write the module I do not feel as though it is appropriate to be given authorship at all. So I just added myself as a contributor.