Perhaps I spoke a little to early. First of the large problems I faced was properly mounting the persistent volumes. At the root of the mount was the standard *nix directory lost+found. This caused Dataiku DSS to refuse to perform any further work. Verification took the place of using a job to issue the specific commands to explore the mount. Resolving this utilizes a subPath mount option. Next up was resolving the group issues, which was done with the securityContext element set to the appropriate user.

        runAsUser: 1000
        fsGroup: 1000
      - name: dataiku 
        image: dataiku/dss:5.0.5
        - containerPort: 10000
          name: http
        - mountPath: /home/dataiku/dss
          name: data-store
          readOnly: false
          subPath: dss-data-dir

In order to get the Deployment descriptor to operate correctly strategy needs ot be set to Recreate. When the Deployment is updated this will result in the old Pod being destroyed and the volume being detached. Otherwise we’ll find ourselves in a livelock waiting for the volume to be detached from the old Pod.