Generally I hack on a project a bit before I bit the bullet and publish it to Github. So I’ll have some sort of working prototype. However at this point these projects are still fairly bare bones and definitely not ready for others to consume. These are my thoughts on setting it up a repository without using their initialized repositories.

Initial Push

This usually goes off without a hitch. It’s very rare I’ll want another repository as the origin upstream, but it does happen. Ease enough to replace a few keywords. Nice they give you the template, no memorization of the commands needed!

Next up I usually create a to provide some idea of what the project is and why one would use it. For this particular use case I am uploading the first draft of the fog-mud-client repository. Generally I just put a simple message, nothing to fancy. Probably why there I do not have a hoard of contributors.


Next up is getting some sort of testing working. Travis CI is my default at this point. In the past I used my Jenkins setup but Travis has got the multiuser and untrusted code things resolved. Easy enough with what Travis publishes.


language: node_js
  - "9"

And that is pretty much it. For Fog this will probably expand out a bit to test against multiple NodeJS versions and versions of the service. I think this is a great place to leave off though.