So Jekyll has served me well for about a year and half now. It’s a nice simple blogging system which does not get in the way too much. It does, however drive me crazy I need to start every new section off with a three ### and the articles have no divides between the sections.

Time to see if I can make some improvements there. First task: update Jekyll. Turns out I was using a rather old version of Ruby to! 2.3.0! Using rbenv on my laptop makes the upgrade simple. I will have to cross the river of using that on for the Jenkins system I setup when I push.

A simple bundle outdated >outdated will produce a list of outdated specs. Jekyll is of course out of date, taking me from 3.7.0 to 3.8.1. The changelog makes this upgrade look easy enough. This is really hte only pinned dependency there. So let us see what happens with a quick bundle update. Bam! Done, including all the transitive dependencies.

Alrighty! Onto the the next task: configuring the header default level to 2 for each post title and 3+ for all additional headers. The kramdown toc_levels looks somewhat promising, although I’m not sure if it is exactly what I am searching for. Let us give it a whirl!

Example header

Nope, that failed. Next up is header_offset. Bingo! For this site I use h2 to denote titles and h3+ to denote section starts. Tune in next time to watch me figure out how to break each header into its own section tag!