It’s time. It’s finally time to get the build and release pipelines in place around an awesome proof of concept. I’ve already began. In there is a rough sketch of a pipeline.

Now that I have written an entire paragraph starting with Is: time to get to business. So far most of upward merge kinks have been worked out. This time around I am using a new technique for upward merging:

    git fetch origin "${target}"
    git checkout -b "${target}" "origin/${target}/FETCH_HEAD"
    git merge --no-commit "${source}"

Git still isn’t really happy about the the checkout command. Hopefully in a bit that will be locked down and will no longer be an issue. Just need to find the correct refspec.

So fetching and using FETCH_HEAD was not enough to get that branch checked out…sigh. From here I am stumbling in the dark. Before I go with the nuclear option on Travis, unshallowing the repository and fetching, I’m going to try this one:

git checkout -b "${target}" "FETCH_HEAD"