Turns out an example I wrote of using ActiveMQ’s CMS API with C++ disappeared somewhere. I have known about the issue for a bit as it went missing when I changed the rendering architecture of my system. Originally my website was a set of static pages, then moved to pages generated via PHP. From there I achieved a step I consider pretty awesome: I generate static HTML from PHP and Jekyll. I now have freedom in publishing platforms as long as I can extract the the final deliverable assets. Unfortunately during this last conversion I paid for the sin of doing things quickly and not checking in the code.

So here I am! Recreating it. ActiveMQ has always been a bit large of a binary to download and the 5.15 series is no exception. I spent a brief period of time looking for a Docker appliance I could just boot and use. This was a bit unfruitful. Some discussions were had on mailing lists, but meh. Less time would be taken by just pulling the binary.

ActiveMQ produces a few examples. These examples are extremely long and provide tons of options. My goal is to produce a minimal example with just a simple set of options.

On to the code!

Doh! I wrote a decent amount but ran out of time. I’ll have to return to this later.