Preemption is great on one hand but a bummer on another. Sometimes I yearn for the simplicity of having a single project to work on…but that wouldn’t be any fun in the long term.

Deploying to the API gateway

It’s time to wire in our implemention of the API gateway into our system. This will require two parts. An extension of permissions of the CI workers to push to the environment as well as invoking new scripts. Since these are background processes which aren’t user visible we’ve got a little more play with their availability. As a result I chose 1 task per serivce, with 0% minimum and 200% maximum. Worst case scenario this bulk processing system will take a bit to process the data.

In my haste the last round to get the ball rolling I just realized I’m building 3 containers per roll out. Oops, I should really clean that up at some point. Issue logged :-).

Back to the task at hand. The team responsible for building the system said it should be easy, however I doubting that is the case since it’s been delegated to me.

Done for today, will return to this later.