It’s time for me to admit my workstation is running an outdated version of Ubuntu 16.04. Ubuntu 17.04 is the newest and latest thing. I’m sure many people have already upgraded however it’s time for me to review ZestyZapus.

Kernel Changes

Xersus uses Linux 4.8 while Zapus uses 4.10. Interesting Google searches note 4.10 has already reached the end of life.

Anyway, Linux 4.9 conatins a different approach to handling TCP congestion: BBR. Effectively from my understanding it tries to edge at the maximum throughput but tries to avoid having upstream services buffer your packets. The goal is to maximaze throughput while reducing latency in transmission. RxRPC looks really cool, something I want to checkout later.

Bummer I haven’t gotten to 4.10 features yet, I’ll have to do them tomorrow.