Or so I wish. An expierenced dev in our group reported a strange crash of the Swift compiler on his machine. I couldn’t reporoduce the issue however it appears as though Travis agrees with him. My default is to generally update the Gems and Pods. Not because this actually resolves the issues but just to remember to update them. I wasn’t expecting luck but it was confirmed durning the last meeting.

In the most recent failure I supposed it was time to begin examining the environment. I was running 8.3.2 with hash 8E2002. Travis is running 8.2 with build 8C38. Unfortunately my coworker isn’t available right now to test my hypothesis he is also running a version prior to mine.

Time to see if Travis has published an updated Xcode base. Hmm, there seem to be two pages specing different versions: objc has 8.3 while osx has 8.3.2. I’m going to hope the more detailed environment has the correct revision. Pushing…and waiting for the fireworks!

Add that worked. Nice to verify. So turns out we need Xcode 8.3.2.