Okay, first step to resolving issues is to review objectives and where you are at, yes? My goal is to make changes to our AWS infrastructure. We had Terraform driven by Terragrunt to share state. I upgraded to the latest two days ago to Terraform 0.9.3 from 0.8.8 and Terragrunt 0.11.0. Turns out Terraform no longer supports the remote config subcommand beginning with the 0.9.0 series. This breaks the primary feature of state sharing as Terragrunt uses this subcommand to import the state from the remote storage.

Late yesterday Terragrunt released 0.12.1 which adapts to the new situtation. Checking on Terragrunt’s release page they’ve since released 0.12.2. Time to see if that resolves the strange messages about string keys for map values. Nope, I still get the cryptic At 4:5: root.terragrunt.lock: map must have string keys. I’m pretty sure this is because I don’t really understand HCL as a format. A brief search error resulted in the HCL decoder which leads me to believe there was significant change the Terragrunt structure changes. Time to check the Terragrunt’s Changelog?. They keep their change log with the releases. Makes sense. I overlooked a link on version 0.12.0 which deatils migration instructions. The instructions are in the main project’s readme. Turns out if I had followed that to begin with everything would have been groovy. Next time I should RTFM a little better.

Perhaps now I can return to deliving value to my organziation. Awesome Terragrunt responded to breaking changes so quickly.