So I’ve been researching for a while now how to cross over our Papertrail instance from Heroku to a standalone account. After some research I’m likely to say we dump the old logs or download them before deleting the Heroku apps. It looks non-trivial for us to do and I generally don’t want to reach out to vendors without a significant reason. Not sure if maintaining dev logs is that important. Probably for production though.

Time to setup a new account! Done. Now the big question: how to log the Djanog setup. I don’t mind using a program which dups STDOUT to PaperTrail.

PaperTrail’s default documentation for Docker is to override the logger. Big problem for me since I’ve already done that for internal solutions. Perhaps I should go with straight syslog? Maybe that will work well. Looks like they do document straight syslog. Hopefully this will work.

Looks like a configuration problem with Vault has surfaced again. After vetting the NACLs and cleaning them up a bit I think it’s the security group. HCL is really cumbersome to specify these rules.

Turns out Terragrunt isn’t compatible with Terraform 0.9.0 and greater.