If all I accomplish today is getting Vault to communciate with the service from the app servers today I’ll be happy.

SSH Redirection

While expirimenting and verifying I’ve been spending a lot of time waiting for service to come back on-line. I then need to replace many addresses in the system. It’s been a while however I remember SSH as having a command shell itself. enter-tild-C will break you into the shell. From there it’s the standard redirection using -L or -R you would pass from the command line. Don’t know if this will save any time though.

Intereting to note your forward connectsion will freeze until you leave the shell.

Vault Authentication

Next up on the docket is connecting to Vault from the App services host. So far I’ve spent a lot of time tracking down network configuration details. This seems to take approximately a day to build and validate. At this point I’m really tempted to write an application to validate the configuration for me :-/. I could write the scanning code in Ruby and drive the check in Prolog. That would be interesting.