Fun and exciting travels into the city today. Better safe then sorry.

My CoreOS attempts failed. The system component varity run agains the device-mapper instance has the following complaint: data block 512 is corrupted. I’ve reached a decision point between needing to handroll an AMI or falling back to working with EC2-Linux. I think I’m going to take a ‘show must go on approach’ and just deal with the Sys5 derriative.

So to recap the problem: I need an ecrypted root volume and an operating system which will provide monitoring for Vault and Consul as services. The hang up I got caught by yesterday was needing to place files everywhere. I saw a reference a while ago to using MIME in the user_data field of Terraform which explains where files should be routed. Meh, looks like it’s not going to be too helpful anyway; I’ll just hardcode it until I have more time. /giphy unsolved problems.

So onto the contents of the SysV script. [BigElephants] has a great article on how to create a SysV RC script. I’ll use his material as a base.

Meeting days always consumer more time than I think.