Alrighty, short programming session! Let’s see what I can get done. There is no built in generator for a new Cucumber feature, so…onto the web? Generally I try to structure my webdriver code however this time I’m going to dump the code into the steps then take a look at a higher leve. Hopefully I can find a better method for structuring Cucumber/Selenium applications.o

I’ve got the script I created ealier to mapped into the steps. Asseritons are next. I always need to look up assertions in Cucumber. Right, assertions are used from your underlying library. The new expect syntax reminds me of Lisp more than the traditional rspec with shoulds. I know they didn’t want to pollute all objects with the matches but I really liked the fluency of the statements. Hmm, I’m running to a physcial versus logical identity issue. The strings contain the same value but they are not equal. Apparently I wanted to use eq insetad.

Sweet, I have the basic login test passing now. I don’t think my creative energy is the correct place for to wire up the deployment pipeline at this point nor federation. On to updating file names then. I enjoy automated QA because it drastically drops by testing time and increasing my confidence. Renamed two key files and verified via QA in a matter of minutes instead of the order of tens of minutes.