Somehow with Xcode 8.2 we’ve managed to crash InterfaceBuilder via a custom component. The usual Debug doesn’t yeild anything. So onto the searching! The first result is of course a StackOverflow. So opening the logs was interesting, turns out we were force unwrapping a default image. So I guess in Xcode 8.2 they now longer allow image loading for designables? Hmm…

Brief interlude for the Travis build! Looks like the simulator isn’t booting correctly as I’m getting warning about it not being in the correct state. Time to launch the simulator early, hoping it will have completed booting by the time the compilation will have completed. Apparently my ack command was swept away in the great rm flood of 2016 :-(. Alrighty then, I moved to using the simctl gem, so xcrun isn’t there. Time to search the webs. Excellent post by Johannes Plunien who sent me down the track of using simctl was my first hit. Google is great! Isn’t it? So after some additional searching I think it would be easier to just use Ruby to construct a new simulator instance and boot it. Fairly straight forward on that part. The exception being to get xcodebuild to use it. Super simple once you find where the manual under the ‘Destinations’ section. Back to my regularly scheduled program.

So that was simple, just use the correct Bundle and we’re good to go. That was relatively simple.

So I’m getting really tired of OSX keychain not handling SSH agent stuff for me. Time to figure out how to restore that. The ssh-add -K $PK_PATH technique seems to have worked. No more needlessly entering the same password every few minutes. I’m not entirely sure if this weekens the key strength since an application only needs to compromise the sesesion to access it…but on the other hand they could just observe the keystrokes to do gain the password anyway…security r hard.

Back to Travis. There is an interesting error I’ve been getting across all versions: /Users/travis/ line 122: rubies_array_sorted: bad array subscript. Surfing the digital ocean I came across the Travis project which appears to be the build harness. The horses mouth, so to speak, says a lot about how the ruby verison is determined. I don’t see any specific actoin to the post_install or clean up phases though. Really disappointing setting the signing teams resolved the issue. I’m not sure if it’s Travis or Apple I should blame here.

Time to clean out the stash. Git stash that is. As usual StackOverflow delivers! Nice to see what is in the stash, I don’t always remember it’s there or to clean it up. Much better now.

Alrighty, back to working on SwiftyPaperTrail!