SSH Configuratiosn

Since I niavely didn’t escape the tild on Friday while trying to clean up a rather large directory Spring created named ~ I’m slowly wokring on restoring my configuration files. I use SSH fairly heavily for connecting back home and to git and it nuked that directory. I’ve already recreated and revoked the old keys where appropriate, now I just need to update the /.ssh/config file. The file format is fairly simple for configuring hosts, for example:

Host nomad
	Hostname nomad.youhost.example
	Port 12345
	User git

Easy enough. I’m sure I’ll track down more.

LinkedIn integration idea

I have a bunch of messages from LinkedIn recruiters again. I really should write a bot which receives the messages, attempts to infer what skillset they are looking for and provides them a link to my resume! It would make life a lot easier.

Hey look! I learned hwo to use headers!

I’m not entirely sure if I will keep using them. Partly because it gives the false impression I have some sort of organization within these posts, instead of just wandering where my activities take me. There is frost on the tank cars outside of Martinez. Must be as cold here as it was back home! The other issue is I already have standard for my heading and I’m afraid it will begin using h2 instead of the h4 through h6.

Back to work

Oh, such fanciness Jira! They updated the cards on the Jira board to improve the look of the cards. Well, I’m not sure if they improved the look of the cards or if they just changed the look of the cards. nil drefs in Swift are aboslutely a nightnmare. I’ve found developers tend to just make things optional instead of forcing you to deal with a mssing value. Or even better, engineer the system in a way there is no psosible nil value. Definitely a of many crashes that I’ve encountered along the way.

Hmm, adding to my epic oversight: Bundler is complaining it’s not up to date. Unfortunately running gem update bundler hasn’t yeilded any positive results. Hmm, I also ran gem install bundler, then restarted the session. I saw this on Jpeg’s laptop the other day when she was getting started with Jekyll and followed my instructions to get rbenv installed. Apparently the shims aren’t alway picked up and do verisoning correctly. Strange.

Moving right along to the next problem we have here: credentials_manager gem has gone MIA. I wonder if this is because of the intermitten cellular link. Time to checkout Ruby Gems to figure it out. Strange th referenced version is in fact not published in the Ruby Gems reigstery. Hmm, even worse it’s a transitive dependency. How do I graph the depedency tree? Well, nothing in bundle help. I just opened the Gemfile.lock file and searched for it. The entry with the name on second level of list tells us what depends on it. Looks like fastlane-core which is disappointing. Let’s see if gym has an update which avoid that version of fastlane-core. Now it’s complaining about a different Gem. I’m thinking it si a result of monkeying of the network.

That would be because it was really unpublished since now and Friday. Alrighty. So I need to wait a few days for that to resolve. Dani reminded me of using the git ref in the gems, so I’ll just go do that for now. I don’t particularly like this solution but that will keep me moving forward. This uber repository thing Fastlane has going on make it difficult as a consumer of the library because of all the special things for the tags.

SwiftyPaperTrail Integration

The time has come for the final step of integrating SwiftyPaperTrail into the production application. I started by writing an integration test. This showed several pain points. Some with SwiftyPaperTrail itself, like needing to manually create an object the graph for logging. I should really make this with extensions and break out the transports into their own files. The other si with SwiftyPaperTrail not returning self with addTarget since I really want to us the builder pattern there.

In modifying SwiftyPaperTrail I’m getting some really strange errors regarding Swift 3 version being required. It looks like the underlying problem might be the pods I’m attempting to use. After opening the failded linting project, I discovered the error originated from the SwiftyLogger project. Well that was fun. it was in SwiftyPaperTrail, specifically due to moving the Swift setting up to the workspace for the project. The Swift version had to be set on a per-target basis.

Alrighty, back to working on the application.