My next step is to pull the JIRA Sprint names. Since our Slackbot is written in NodeJS I’ll need to find a node client. jira looks promising. Let’s find out.

From the example I had to drop the API version to 2. I’m really disappointed JIRA doesn’t offer true API integrations. I really need a user a which doesn’t cary my agency since I’m not going to be the only person making these requests. Anyway, onto figuring out how to request the Spring names. There appear to be two APIs: RapidView and GreenHopper. My memory about GreenHopper being an old system was refreshed by Scott riding Amtrak the other day, so I’m guessing we’re using RapidView.

Hmm, I keep getting errors of “Invalid URL” for both the long and short forms of our project name. Time to try GreenHopper? After studying the JSON output to verify which one we are using, there is an instance of an entity in a custom field customfield_10007 which contains the list of sprint names we use. Also contains the greenhopper as a component of the FQCN. Oddly enough also contains the rapidViewID field. And time is up for hte hackathon.