I tend not to fly too often. A component is definitely the pain in going through security, another is cost. Being from Sacramento we tend to be on the edge of the transportation networks. Meaning to get anywhere I need to fly to hub first the connect. Out of major contributing factors this is probably the other large component.

Strange Loop is held in St Louis. A beautiful place and a great conference. St Louis is also on the edge of most airlines transportation network. Though, unlike Sacramento, it seems like most airlines only provide service to St Louis twice a day. Or at least when I look for tickets that seems to be the case.

The flight either leave really early, between 4a and 8a local time. Or early evening, like between 5p and 10p. Unfortunately this means I will be getting home at a reasonable time or really late. First world problems I suppose.

Overall flying during the day gives a great view of the Sierras and the Nevada ranges. This flight I believe we crossed over Mono Lake and I got some nice scenic shots. I still have that youthful view of flight, I love being in the seat watching the world scroll by and seeing if I can figure out where we are. It’s much easier now I’ve studied geography a bit more.