Recently my Raspberry Pi was reporting MMC read errors. Basic investigation such as card seating, power checks, and attempting to capture logs, did not turn up any problems. If I had a second Pi would swap cards to find out what is happening. Not wanting to write either the device or card off I decided to start with a fresh installation of Raspbian.


I grabbed the latest from the official image page. This time I chose ‘lite’ mode in hopes of having fewer things to purge from the system. Burning went well without a hitch until the end. However Balena Etcher’s did complain at the end about not being able to unmount the volume on OSX. Not sure how to ensure that.

Verifying the Installation

Upon boot the Raspberry Pi mentioned it found the root file system and was resizing. Once it rebooted I was brought to a prompt. I was able to log in on the terminal however SSH was disabled. I set the password for the user and enabled SSH to boot on start. Now I can work on the machine across the network like I am accustom to.

Easy installation to get pending updates and get tmux without errors. No memory card errors or anything. Looking promising. The root file system was correctly expanded to fill the SD card.

Power Outage

My house lost power and will have to return to this problem later.