My goals to call Jekyll prepared as follows:

  • All posts should be in a directory index.
  • Integration into static content gneeration pipeline.

Directory Indexing

The moitivation here is keep file names separate. It’s just a style thing I prefer. Each article should be in a directory with the contents in index.html of that directory.

After about 10 minutes of searching with various terms such as jekyll post index.html, jekyll each post directory, and so forth; I arrived at (a StackOverflow article talking about permalink)[]. Without a better lead, time to research permalink configuration setting.

Bingo! (Jekyll’s permalink)[] docs hit it. Burried under Built-in permalink styles there is a the value pretty should get me what I want. Works like a charm! Although I’m wondering if day is really required since I’ll probably only be writing a few of these a day. I think I prefer the format year/month/day-title. Looking at the default examples it should be something like /:categories/:year/:month/:day-:title/. Let’s see how that works. Restarting Jekyll because of changes to _config.yml…Winning!

Hmm…there is a lot of other things in here I should probably clean up. Well that was relatively simple. I’m not actually using any of it at this time, but nice to have to setup and ready to go.

Static integration

Using the Makefile this should update the template then start cranking on any content which needs to be updated. Should be pretty simple from the docs. Just create a .PHONY target in my Makefile to run bundle exec jekyll build --destination $(DESTDIR). Done! that was surprisingly easy. Now to run it through my CI pipline. Well that went pretty well; now I’ve got to reorganize my site; a task for later.