After tracking down a DVD drive capable of reading a disk containing multiple media we’ve finally gotten the manual off the disk and it looks correct. Time to take another crack at building the printer. The manual is fairly large at 4.8MBs and contains many pictures. I was surprised there were no instructinos for the 3DP08, I was mainily finding instructions for the 3DP11 which has an entirely different frame and assembly instructions.

Step 1: Main Frame Assembly

The right side doesn’t have a rectangular hole near the top where the left one does. Let’s see if I can manage to find the right screw for watever M3 is. The bags containing the screws are all labeled, awesome. If I’m being totally honest, the flexiable plastic wrap smells horrible. I’m debating on discarding it and just rubber banding the metal rods together until I need ‘em. The cuts in the arcylic left a lot of small round peices and shapes around. Part of the smell is the adhesive for of the paper on the acrylic parts. Tiffany knocked the remaining cut out parts from the frame with the allen wrench. I mentioned to Tiffany they don’t tell us to orentation of the frame..which she replied the writing problem faces out :smile:. Still need to get those emojis.

The fastener system is interesting. The bot goes through the frame into the leg int a + shaped area where the screw fits. THey don’t show that at all on the instructions, so fun puzzel. Easier to have a second set of hands to get that going but definitely doable by yourself.

Step 2 + 3: Motor assembleies #1 and #2

All motors are 40mm, so that isn’t relevent. The M3*10 for the motor mounts should probably have been more pronounced though. They are mirror images of eachother.