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Software Developer && System Analyst


Linux is a *nix kernel using a monolithic architecture with dynamic module loading/linking. The system was originally losely based off fo the MINIX style system targeting the IA32 architecture (at the time 80386). Originally relased in 1993, Linux has since become the dominate player in the *nix areana, suprassing it's open source siblings FreeBSD and OpenBSD.

KB Articles

  • Encyrpted Virtual Volumes
  • SystemD - General over of the SystemD orchestration and maanagement system.
  • Docker - A kernel-level virtualization technology utilizing a jailed user land and associated tooling to make it easy to move the containers around.


  • /proc/filesystems contains a list of file system drivers supported by the currently running kernel.
  • OverlayFS (a potentional file system used by Docker) was first added in v3.18 of the linux kernel.
  • There are two types of RAM backed file systems in Linux. The earliest is ramfs which is backed by the file system cache and is otherwise unbound. The tmpfs appeared later, swapped backed, and may be limited in size. Reference

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