Mark Eschbach

Software Developer && System Analyst


Chef is a server configuration management tool intended on easing difficulty in managing multiple homogenous servers. At the core of Chef is a number of recipies, organized into cookbooks, which are applied to a server to properly configure the system.

Recipe Developement

Testing using Kitchen and Vagrant

  • kitchen converge will cause your default target instance to be updated.
  • kitchen login will create an SSH session to your target instance.


  • Chef client of a Rasberry Pi

    • Need to install Ruby 2.1 (sudo aptitude install ruby2.1 ruby2.1-dev). In theory you could compile this from source...however I've already wasted large segments of life compiling FreeBSD on a 700Mhz computer. For some odd reason this depends on JavaScript and jQuery at the time of working on this (2016-06).
    • sudo gem2.1 install chef

      If you get an error regarding compiliation of FFI then you need to ensure you installed ruby2.1-dev.

      This builds Ruby's FFI I'll check back another day to finish this.

    • Xref
      Installing Chef on Raspberry Pi 2/3